Know how to negotiate both effectively and efficiently in order to reach a wise agreement


Negotiations how to reach a wise agreement



A Wise Agreement





Looks beyond the obvious and presents a sustainable solution that satisfies underlying needs of each side

Benefits each party and all other stakeholders to the extent possible

Makes each party feel satisfied with the results

Ensures long-term commitment of the parties to the agreement by making it too precious to lose and too costly to violate

Improves understanding and strengthens relationships between the parties

Wise Agreement vs. Fair Agreement

Being fair is not enough if you wish to reach a wise agreement. You must understand the essence of a state of harmony to be reached, think both holistically and strategically, look beyond the obvious and focus on satisfying underlying needs of each side to the fullest.





An Example of a Wise Agreement

A well known story about sharing an orange illustrates the principle of looking beyond the obvious and focusing on satisfying underlying needs of each side to the fullest.

Two people have only one orange but both want it. Initially, they decide that the best they can do is split the orange in two halves. To be sure that itís fair, they decide that one will cut and the other will choose.

As they discuss their underlying needs in the negotiation, however, they find out one wants the orange to make juice and the other needs it for the rind because he wants to bake a cake.

Thus they have found the way to satisfy the needs of each side to the extend possible.


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