How To Write a Mind-Opening and Exciting Story




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Write little, but impactfully. Write in a way that your readers want you to write more, not less.

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Vadim Kotelnikov (VadiK) inspirational writer, speaker, trainer,

To be a writer of your life,
be a listener to your higher self and a reader of your mind.


❶ Write your story like an inspirational, short and perfectly honed speech that you want to deserve a standing ovation.

❷ Radiate happiness, optimism, energy and positivity.



Vadim Kotelnikov (VadiK), writer, founder, Innompic Games speaker trainer

Do discover and reveal your true self, get rid of all emotions and thoughts that are not children of love


❸ Love to be loved. Be in love − the whole World loves lovers. Be passionate about something and let your story radiate with this passion. Love your audience, and they will love you back − not because you tell them "I love you", but because your story will be filled with love for them.




❹ Create soul-brain synergy. Write from your soul to inspire a response from other souls. Use your brain to get your message delivered to other souls.

❺ Introduce a mighty evil you fight against inventively using various weapons and ultimately defeat.

❻ Give generously to STAND OUT! There are millions of look-alike stars. They all look alike because they are not givers. Yet the Sun is a star that stands out and is loved because it is a giver. Don't strive to be a star, strive be THE SUN - give more, help your readers grow, and you'll get true followers.

Be different and SURPRISE your audience. Love to innovate and amaze your readers with radically new approaches. Next time, when you create a new content for social media, ask yourself: "What amazing and outstanding value could I offer to my beloved readers?

Be witty, make reading your story fun. Be ready to think quickly and clearly about new trends and react to new happenings in a humour-rich way.


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Use metaphors. Metaphors provide inspiring real-world insights. Metaphors allow you to carry out your thoughts out into the unknown by using the known as a stepping stone and create the 'Aha!' effect.


See Farther by Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Metaphoric 10 KITT



Vadim Kotelnikov

Coaching by Example:

"Learn flexibility from water: if a concrete wall block your way, become water and flow around it."

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Create an attractive title that arouses curiosity and evokes a burning desire to click on it to read your story.


Create a Great Headline: MBF Formula






Having finished your story, ask yourself:
Is this story pure gold or just gold sand?

Remove all sand, if any.





One World One Way Many Paths cultural differences East vs. West  

Standing on "the shoulders of giants"


On the soulders of giants


Mikhail Zhvanetsky humorous quotes, Russian jokes

Story writing is like urinating in public – embark on it only if you can't stand it any longer.

Mikhail Zhvanetsky


Anton Chekhov - quotes by the most famous playwright, Russian theatre

The task of a writer is not to solve the problem but to state the problem correctly.

Anton Chekhov


Kurt Vonnegut’s 8 Rules For Writing Fiction

Every sentence must do one of two things – reveal character or advance the action.

Kurt Vonnegut


Mark Twain wisdom jokes

Get your facts first,
then you can distort them as you please.

Mark Twain