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Many students wonder what is the best way to write a research paper outline. Do not think that you are the only one who has doubts about how to figure it out. We want to start our guide by making sure that you understand clearly what a research paper outline is.

To give you a simple explanation, it is a research paper outline is a logically organized text, which includes several parts, paragraphs, and subparagraphs.

Many students find the process of composing an outline a bit difficult, especially if you have never done it before. In case you need help, you can find reliable online services providing a college research paper for sale to get the needed assistance in writing a research paper or any other type of academic writing. If you want to learn by yourself, continue to read our tips on writing a research paper outline will surely help a lot of students.

Make sure that you include the titles of paragraphs/subparagraphs of the written text, introductory, and conclusion. Your outline aims to reflect all the sections your research paper will have. Students are asked to create an outline because it really helps not to miss some thoughts ideas and thoughts, and to keep them well-structured.

As soon as your research paper is done, we recommend you to concentrate on the outline, proofread and edit it as much as possible. Always remember that the outline for a research paper is as important as the research paper itself. Do not repeal the mistake of many students who ignore this essential step. Never diminish the impact of the outline.

The structure of an outline

Before you start composing an outline for your research paper, you should check the main requirements of your professor.

 You have to include all the subtopics you plan to discuss. Every subtopic has arguments/counterarguments to reflect the main idea of your research.

Always follow the given instructions. Make sure that they contain hints concerning the strategies for your paper. The thesis statement must reflect the topic and have the author's comment.

Prepare a draft of the outline

As soon as you finish your writing, you have to proofread your draft. Pay attention to that all the text is logically structured. Ask your professor which outline format is required for your paper. Follow the teacher's instructions.

The most common type is an outline with letters and numbers. Your outline aims to cover your main ideas, subtopics, subdivisions, and additional details. Note, the more points you plan to include, the more complex the outline will be. We recommend you to use full sentences in order to make the title of every part. 

Usually, the first sentences in the paragraph/section will reflect the main idea of the entire passage. By using shorter phrases, you will inform your reader about the content. Many research papers are written in the APA style.

Students have to deal with academic assignments quite often. You will have to learn about the common styles, which are APA, MLA, Harvard Business Style, Chicago Turabian, etc. These styles are widely used in academic writing. Every style has its specific features and rules you have to follow. You can be sure that your professor will pay extra attention to your paper's compliance with these rules. When a student has missed them, it will affect your grade. If you study Humanities/ Social Sciences, you should use APA or MLA academic styles. They have differences in citation rules, in the way you write the author's name and even the way you structure your research papers. Do not ignore modern technology like top education apps for ipad which make a studentís life much easier and stress-free. Such apps will save time and help achieve better results.

Now we are going to learn how to compose an apa research paper outline to meet the requirements of your educational institution. If you start writing a research paper using the APA format, make sure you follow the general rules of creating the outline.

● Start with the title that has to be written in uppercase letters.
● Order the topics/subtopics.
● Point out the core thesis statement you plan to cover.
● Include all the needed details into subheadings.
● Write several possible outline headings and select the most appropriate variant.

The outline of your research paper aims to demonstrate the logical flow of your thoughts and in-depth research you have done. Every heading/subheading must contain essential information. You should use Roman numerals, capital/ lowercase letters for including additional subheadings when it is needed.

The outline must have an introduction. It is where you can give the background information about your topic, thesis statement, and relevance of your in-depth research. All the arguments and thoughts have to be presented in the main body, and the conclusion will reflect the general results of the research. You have to include references to all used sources of information.


Now you know how to write the APA outline for your research paper. We hope this information will help many students structure their research papers so that they will not miss important ideas.