Innompic Games World;s #1 Civilizational Breakthrough Contests Global Innovation Accelerator All-Inclusive Creation Show Founder Vadim Kotelnikov The Biggest Startup Ever Innovation A-to-Z/360 World's largest innovation INNOMPIC GAMES Global #1 entrepreneurial creativity contests founder Vadim Kotelnikov

Innompic Games (IG) is a civilizational breakthrough that turns the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators.

World #1 in a number of target areas, a relentless value innovator and a trend setter.

IG pioneered many exciting things such as Creation Show, Learning 20-60-20, Spoken Innovation, and sMusical-Inn.



World's #1 Innompic Games

Venturepreneurial value-innovation mindset helped me to launch a civilizational breakthrough and to build Innompic Games as a relentless trend setter, the World's #1 in several target areas, and outstanding love games.


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Civilizational Breakthrough

Innompic Games intellectual Olympics for innovators
are a unique example of all-in-one levels of radical innovation ‒  breakthrough, disruptive, and game-changing innovation... More

Civilizational Breakthrough: Innompic Games, the main global innovation contest

Founder's Message






IG Way - What makes Innompic Games so effective and exciting

IG Way is what makes Innompic Games so effective, beneficial,  and exciting. and differentiates IG from all other contests, events and shows.



Trendsetter Innompic Games

The vision of Innompic Games is a Planet of Loving Creators . This is the mega-trend created by IG. All other IG-created trends are sub-trends of this mega-trend.



Best Innovation Teams Innoteams Innompic Games

At INNOMPIC GAMES, the World's #1 innovation contests, the Art of Innovation is approached in a holistic A-to-Z/360 way. Innoteams are thus must be cross-functional to perform wonderfully.



Innompic GamesWorld's Best Show Innompic Games Creation Show most useful show



Here is

6Ws video

that shows Why, Who, What, How, When and Where Innompic Games turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators

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90 second video introduction 


Innompics are to make
huge positive global impact
for centuries ahead

It is a civilizational breakthrough that helps create breakthrough innovations and

celebrates the smartest disruptive innovators.



Case Studies Mission of Innompic Games

Innompic Games are to help people, organizations and countries to unlock their unlimited capabilities for innovation by establishing inspirational entrepreneurial creativity contests and an accelerated learning platform for both participating teams and active spectators, and by creating next-wave opportunities for innopreneurs throughout the World >>>




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