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88 Achievement Principles and Winning Habits


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8 Winning Habits

  1. To make wonders, find and do what you love to do

  2. Create an inspiring vision and start moving toward your dream

  3. Remember, there is no failure, only feedback

  4. Look for opportunities everywhere; solve problems creatively

  5. Make decisions quickly: define values; know what matters; use the 80/20 Principle

  6. Learn continually; look at every situation from different angles and points of view

  7. Strive to make people happier; love everybody; create greater value for people around you; be a source of inspiration for others, help them shine; seek cooperation, not competition; think Win-Win

  8. Never give up


8 Winning Habits

  1. Love your customers, strive to make their life as happy as possible

  2. Be Different and Make a Difference!

  3. Evaluate ideas quickly and start experimenting with them

  4. Create a guiding structure before embracing improvisation

  5. Problems are opportunities, noble failures are steps to success

  6. Everything can and should be improved search for opportunities

  7. Address customer feedback as the main vehicle to customer success

  8. Team success is more important than personal success

The hymn of innovators

"I Have a Difference To Make!"

was created specially to help the venturepreneur's habits stick at the subconscious level






The Venturepreneur's 88 Achievement Principles described below (Achiever's 8 Winning Habits Innovator's 8 Winning Habits) were specially designed for the members of the breakthrough private extended business incubator Innovatel.  The Innovatel members (innopreneurs) turn gradually these achievement principles into deeply ingrained winning habits in the course of practice-rich learning process. These achievement principles are also reflected in the hymn of Innovatel.