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World of Mouth (WOM) Marketing





Word-of-mouth marketing (WoM Marketing) happens when consumers talk positively about a company's product or service to others with whom they have trusted relationships.


Word of Mouth Marketing WOM Marketing



WoM Marketing vs. WoM References

Word-of-mouth marketing differs from natural word-of-mouth references to company's products or services in two ways.

Inspires action.  WoM marketing promotes outstanding customer / user experience and encourages prospects to take action to to explore it.

Persistent. WoM marketing does not stop at the first interaction; it leads to follow-on interactions, if necessary.




The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) crafted a code of ethics for the industry. The best word-of-mouth marketing strategies are "credible, social, repeatable, measurable, and respectful".


Brand Ambassador

Opinion Leader

Buzz Marketing




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