Buzz Marketing process  

Buzz Marketing a viral marketing technique, is a word-of-mouth marketing strategy. Creating a marketing buzz is about capturing attention of consumers and the media to the point where talking about your brand becomes entertaining, fascinating, and newsworthy.





Two Main Roles of Buzz Marketing




Red Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy

If you sell something non-innovative and compete is a "red ocean", create a buzz to get prospective customers notice you in the crowd of other sellers.

If you want to create a new market niche a "blue-ocean" by releasing a radically new product, create also a magnetic and emotional buzz marketing strategy to get people desire what you are offering.





Why Buzz Marketing

Traditional marketing approaches often don't work, especially when new market niches are created. By demanding and encouraging entrepreneurial creativity and outside-the-box thinking with no holds barred, business leaders and innovative marketers can achieve explosive growth. The effort involved can be remarkable, but so can be the rewards for your business.


Buzz Marketing

Examples of Buzz Marketing

What Makes People Buy

Customers of an Innovative Product




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Don't Push, Pull

No one enjoys marketing that pushes you. Yet, most marketing and advertising follows a "push" strategy. Buzz marketing is rather different. It uses an exciting content slightly to create a great "pull."


Virtuoso Marketing

Focus on Emotional Drivers

Creating Customers





How To Get People Talk About Your Brand

Getting buzz is devoting your efforts towards getting people to talk about your brand, and the media writing about it.

The interaction of consumers and users of a product or service amplifies the original marketing message.


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

10 Tips

How To Create Impactful Images

Write Amazing Stories




Buzz marketing is a simple concept: design your product and marketing activities in such a way that it will give people an opportunity to talk about your product or service. They don't necessarily need to recommend your business they just need to mention it in their conversations. Buzz travels in invisible networks.


Artful Content Marketing

How To Create Impactful Images

Write Amazing Stories





Buzz marketing involves also cultivating opinion leaders and getting them to spread information about your product or service to others in their communities.


Credibility Marketing

Marketing To the Subconscious




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