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Your credibility is a key factor in the success of your marketing and sales efforts. High-profile companies and experts attract customers and clients like magnets. If you wish to be different and better and to become magnetic to your chosen target market, develop your core marketing message and build your credible brand around it.

Credibility Marketing assumes you already are credible, i.e. relevant, competent, trustworthy, and appreciated.

  • Be relevant. Don't talk about your products, talk about concerns and problems of your target audience. As credibility relies on communication, use content marketing, write and publish content that is relevant to your target audience and uses slang they relate to.

  • Be trustworthy. Telling people about your customer focus or corporate values is easy, but when you tell them the story of how you learned those values and tied them to your customer-focused actions, you increase your credibility. And most importantly, deliver on your promise.

  • Be competent. Don't duplicate others, provide generic and valuable information and advice. Start by describing the problems your prospects face, then offer an attractive solution.

  • Be appreciated. Testimonials do help, but visible real-time appreciation signs work much better. Use social media, blogs and other interactive resources to demonstrate your likeability to a wide audience.



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