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"When you are singing, be the song" is about complete sensory immersion in whatever you do.


Educative jokes are an effective, joyful and rapid way of teaching and learning.

Humorous educative songs are a form of educative jokes that use various advantages of songs and emotional immersion.




In this humorous song, some classic success advices – courage, creative visualization, self-empowerment, experimentation, self-stretching, win-win attitude – are applied to deep romantic relationships (sex).





Lyrics of the song 'How To Succeed in Love'





I want to be with you all night.
I’m sure you’ll answer me ‘All right’.

Let’s go without hesitations.
I hope you’ll meet my expectations.

This could be your life changing quest –
Just STRETCH YOURSELF and do your best!

To do your best, create a VISION,
Make an empowering DECISION

And set your GOALS extremely high.
VISUALIZE that you are mine.

I’m so fed up with all frustrations!
I hope you’ll meet my expectations.

Just BE YOURSELF. Abandon fears,
Experiment with wild ideas.

In every action, think ‘WIN-WIN’,
And love me deeper than your skin.

BE BRAVE and yield to all temptations.
And you will meet my expectations!



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