AI-generated Life Advice: To-Do Lists

based on the texts of Famous Songs




Vadim Kotelnikov

To assess how smart and wise artificial intelligence (AI) is, I asked it to generate To-Do lists based on the lyrics of  some well-known songs.

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There are natural flowers and there are artificial flowers. Real flowers are truly beautiful, but artificial flowers are in some demand as well for specific applications.

Yes, AI has neither imagination, nor feelings, but it still can produce valuable content for various applications. I do some experiments with artificial intelligence (AI) as a content creators to explore the value of summaries, elevator speeches, points, to-do lists, twits, and articles created by it.

The videos and texts that follow presents the results of one these experiments. I had AI to listen to several songs and create a To Do list for each song based on their texts.





Based on the To-Do lists generated by AI, I made my judgment on how wise AI is as a Life Design adviser.

This is just my judgment, I don't want to influence yours.









Read the To-Do lists generated by AI
and make your own assessment.

Imagine Lyrics

(Songwriter: John Winston Lennon)

AI-generated To-Do list:

Reflect on living for today and fostering peace

Promote a sense of global unity and brotherhood

Envision a world without possessions and share resources

Encourage the ideal of living life in peace among everyone

The Thrill Is Gone Lyrics

(Songwriters: Lew Brown / Ray Henderson)

AI-generated To-Do list:

Reflect on personal feelings and reasons for recent emotional changes

Consider expressing emotions through journaling or creative activities

Pursue activities that restore personal happiness and thrill
Initiate a plan for personal growth and independence

Wish well for those from past relationships and move forward positively




My Way  → Lyrics

(Songwriters: Paul Anka et al)

AI-generated To-Do list:

Reflect on past accomplishments and lessons learned

Plan and chart courses for future endeavors

Express personal feelings and beliefs confidently

Stand tall and face challenges head-on


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Give Me One Reason

Songwriter: Tracy Chapman









AI-generated To-Do list

Reflect on the relationship and determine the core reasons for staying or leaving.
Communicate clearly and openly with the partner about feelings and the need for change.
Consider personal needs and whether they are being met in the relationship.
Decide if the relationship provides the desired support and companionship.
Evaluate the energy and effort being invested in the relationship and if it's sustainable.
Assess the balance of effort and affection in the relationship.