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SuperCreative vs. Creative: synergy 3 creativities superconscious  

SuperCreativity is a synergy of conscious, superconscious, and divine creativities. Those who practice conscious creativity only use a tiny fraction – less than 1% – of their unlimited creative capabilities. The major sources of creativity are superconscious thinking and an ability to recognize and interpret divine inspirations.



SuperCreativity is a dance of subconscious and divine creativity  

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But super-creativity comes with a big problem: when you generate a lot of ideas every day, there is no time to implement all of them. Some ideas get lost...

But, you know, this can be turned into an advantage: a super-creative person has to select quickly which ideas are most valuable and should be implemented. This daily exercise builds rapid-idea-assessment skills and results in higher-quality creations.




Super-Creativity as a Dance of Three Creativities

Super-creativity occurs when conscious, superconscious, and divine creativities meet and start waltzing up. The intrinsic super-motivation of the creator is the dance music. For most creators, such a super-dance is rare, if any. For some creators, the super-dance of conscious, superconscious, and divine creativities is a decades-long dance festival. An inspiring and burning life mission is the difference that makes this huge difference!

Your burning life mission both inspires your creativity and helps you synergize ideas generated by your conscious and superconscious mind.

Your highly desirable goals launch your light-speed superconscious thinking in the right direction. You start ideating on autopilot.

Inspirational messages from the Universe are everywhere. Your higher self and prepared mind can notice them thus adding the third divine dimension to your super-creativity.

Coaching by Example.

Like everyone, I have always been creative. My brain is still the same, but I am now 1000+ times more creative than I used to be. Why? My inspiring life vision is the difference that made this huge difference. I discovered my inspiring life mission which is to turn the Earth to a Planet of Loving Creators. I pursue this burning mission passionately and generate thousands of innovative ideas every day. It’s clear to me that my intrinsic super-motivation, not the structure of my brain, is the key to my super-creativity.



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Vadim Kotelnikov

The Universe is made of laws and messages, but a prepared mind only can recognize, understand and transform them into creative value-rich activities.

Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of 1000ventures - personal logo VadiK

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