Aeipathy is an enduring and consuming passion.




Successful people achieve amazing results because they follow their true passion that is so consuming that engages whole of their heart, mind and energy.

Aeipathy is a 'sister' of the life mission, a noble passion that helps awaken the inner genius and serves as a perpetuum mobile of limitless creativity.

People who follow their aeipathy live a wonderful life, grow, blossom, and create great value for others and themselves.



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Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder


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The Loving Creator created us in his own likeness − we are all loving creators by birth. The only thing one needs is to empower the loving creator inside.

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Living by Aeipathy is loving my passion to the extent that I offer endurance from my side. My passion consumes me. I feel the accomplishment of doing something.

Sonam Wangmo


Preeti Chikara, India

We all deserve the best in our lives. To achieve that we need to follow our heart and explore our maximum potential in the domain that we are passionate for.