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Waltz Up with Everything in Life and Business: Yin-Yang Harmony



When you are singing be the song Vadim Kotelnikov speaker trainer

"When you're dancing, be the dance" is about complete sensory immersion in whatever you do.


“Never give a sword to a man who can't dance,” advised Confucius. This is a metaphorical statement emphasizing the importance of mastery and harmony in individuals.

A ‘sword’ is a metaphor that can mean any powerful tool, assignment, or responsibility.




These responsibilities include addressing challenges, pursuing opportunities, managing change, building an entrepreneurial company, harmonizing business systems, managing dynamic strategies and organizational dichotomies, implementing an innovation project, marketing and selling innovations.

  Supercreativity as partner dance of three creativities, watzing up


Marketing and Selling as a Partner Dance  

Waltzing up is a productive approach that helps commercialize inventions, lead creative people and teams, manage creativity and ideas, nourish talents, harness diversity, orchestrate efforts, navigate through obstacles, leverage relationships, integrate functions.




It helps harmonize differences, handle negotiations, solve problems, resolve conflicts, jump to the next curve, create a soft revolution, turn the night to dawn,... Just anything challenging, dynamic, and unpredictable.

  Win-Win negotiation is a partner dance Vadim Kotelnikov quotes



Handle all dynamic challenges in life and business as a partner dance and waltz up with them towards your vision.






The Greatest and Most Productive Intelligence





The ultimate creative intelligence is Yin-Yang intelligence. It is about knowing how to make the universal forces of creative Yang and adaptive Yin waltz up as a harmonious whole towards a daring vision or a stretch goal.

  The Greatest Know How - make universal Yin-Yang forces waltz up



A Universal Law

Actually, everything in the harmonious Universe exists and evolves thanks to relentless dynamic waltz-like balancing of forces of adaptive Yin and creative Yang. Interactions between these two forces defined the past, shape the present, and create the future.

You can create the desired future if you see the whole picture, understand how it is shaped by interactions between forces Yin and Yang, and can orchestrate these interactions so that they waltz up towards your goal.


Know-How to Make Yin-Yang Forces Waltz Up

Applications of Yin and Yang for Life and Business








Coaching by Example




Vadim Kotelnikov

I am a passionate and ever-growing metaphoric dancer. I waltz up with everything – dreams, ideas, challenges, processes, business, life.

Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of 1000ventures - personal logo VadiK

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Waltz up with all challenges in life and business.

I do. It's both productive and joyful journey.







Waltz is a partner dance performed by a couple, who as a pair turn rhythmically round and round as they progress around the dance floor. Two partners face each other. One acts as the leader, and one acts as the follower. The leader moves forward, and the follower moves backward.


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