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What Are the Best Jobs
in the Hospitality Industry?



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The hospitality industry is one of the best ways to ensure you can enjoy a vacation city year-round. Working in this type of job requires flexibility and an eye for detail that has to come with helping so many different kinds of customers every day.

Whether you're moving to a vacation town or want to work through your vacation to afford it, these are the best-paying jobs in the hospitality industry.




Working in the Hospitality Industry Ensures Every Day is a Vacation

Whether you're hoping to move to a vacation town year-round to enjoy the views and fun, or you're just staying in town for a couple of months: the hospitality industry offers some major chances at income. Consider one of these jobs, and make your vacation an indefinite one.





Event Manager

Average yearly income: $55,000

Every event manager carries a lot of work on their back. This means planning and organizing promotion business and social events, ensuring the audience is engaged, and the message is marketed correctly. These events can have a large hold on whether a company succeeds or not, so you must be skilled and capable of making an awesome event for everyone attending. In many cases, it's easier to start up your own event planning business than to break in as a manager in someone else's, but if you're able to do this- take advantage of it and make sure that you do everything you can to earn this role and make the most of it.

Restaurant Manager

Average yearly income: $50,000

Being a restaurant manager isn't something you can leap into unless you have over ten years of experience in the business and a degree of some kind. Most managers are people who worked their way up in the industry over the years, so jumping into it can be difficult. If this is a role that you want to seek out, it's a good idea to have previous training or education, be skilled in a kitchen, and hopefully know about the specific type of food they serve at the restaurant you're applying to.




Executive Chef

Average yearly income: $75,000

If you've been trained as a chef, you can get a job almost anywhere you want. As an executive chef, you can enjoy working in the most well-known restaurants in the world, enjoying a major salary that will only go up with time. However, this can be high-stress since you'll have to help train and will need to deal with a large number of customers, many of which may be annoyed with service or special food requests.

Casino Director

Average yearly income: $110,000

The best-paying hospitality job out there is working as a casino director. This role ensures that you can work in high volumes of cash with tons of customers every single day. Although this role is high-paying, it can also be high-stress, so you must know what you're doing when you start.