The art of making money and living a happy life






Some wealthy people mean that making money is nothing more than a skill we can all learn. Many have after all reached the top from the bottom, which makes it possible for you as well. By mastering the skillsets wealthy people possess, you could make as much money as you would like and thereby live a happier life.

Exchanging your limiting beliefs about money and culminating a new mindset is important. A mindset that is shared by only the wealthiest people on earth. But it does not end here. You need to take action and find some habits that can help you become a better and richer version of yourself.






Change your mindset

If you want to make money at the pace you expect, you must start with changing your current mindset. By that we mean your behaviours and habits relating to money. If you have an unhealthy relationship with money this will be tricky but trust us it is possible. Start creating routines to keep track of how much money you spend and how much you earn. Hereafter your new money mindset should tell you what you will need to make more financial success. Your mindset is everything, no matter if it is in relation to money, relationships, education etc.






Save and take risks

If you are not into saving or investing your money you will probably never become wealthy. The majority of all the worlds millionaires have saved 20% or more of their income before they became rich. These saving capitals has been used to invest in their dreams, which has led them to where they are today. Depending on your current economic situation, a part of your income should be set aside to savings, and a part of this saving should be used for profitable investments.






Evaluate your week

If you do not keep track of your successes and setbacks you will not move forward. We therefore recommend that you set a side one day a week, such as Sunday, to give yourself feedback on what you have worked on during the weekend. This will give you the right attitude. Write down a couple of things that you have achieved and that you are happy about, but do not forget the things you are not too satisfied with! Some things might be skills you need to improve to make more money, such as refining your investment strategies.





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Remember that money is not everything

Even though it seems tempting to focus on making as much money as possible on all times, it is important to remember that it is not everything.





There is so much more to life than owning a flat-screen TV or a penthouse by the coast. Stick to the mindset that enough money to manage is good; but a little extra might help you secure your future. Do not get used to material things too quickly. Rather focus on what really means something to you, like good company and a few occasional trips.


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