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Vadim Kotelnikov on Learning Your Life Vision Self-Reciprocity Laws Vadim Kotelnikov Self-Leadership 10 Tips for Winning in Life and Business Learning How To Overcome Procrastination Persistence quotes Change Yourself Committment quotes Taking Action The Wheel of Personal Success e-Coach Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of Emfographics The WHEEL of PERSONAL SUCCESS: Inspiring Vision, Learning, Willingness To Change, Taking Action, Persistence




Success Secrets  >>  One Way, Many Paths     7 Paradoxical Rules

Dream Bid Dreams    Create a Vision >>  Cherish Your Vision

BE MAD     Creative Dissatisfaction     Work Smart and Hard

Turn Your Dream To Reality    Stay Focused   Flexibility

Great Achiever  >>  COCA Principle    Attitude    Can-Do Attitude

Failure is a Stepping Stone to Success  >>  Opportunities

Great Learner    Learn from Feedback    Learning SWOT Questions 

Smart & Fast Decision Maker   From Knowledge To Wisdom

Coaching by Example

A Drop the grew larger than the Ocean   10 Success Lessons

Kore 5 Affirmations     Life-Business Synergy



Life Mission

Guiding Principles

Stretch Goals    Action