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Inspiring Corporate Culture

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Most organizations unlock less than 1% of true potential of their people

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Discover how to inspire and energize everyone in your company!

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1. The Big Picture

Corporate Culture: How We Do Things Around Here

Inspiring Culture: the Five Key Elements

Inspiring Culture: What Drives Creative People?

Strategies for Building a Growth Culture

Best Practices: Building a Growth Culture at Dell Inc.

Employee Satisfaction

2. Inspiring Vision & Shared Values

Lessons from Jack Welch: Articulate Your Vision

Corporate Vision: Providing Purpose, Direction, and Motivation

Strategic Intent

Lessons from Jack Welch: Stretch!

Launching a Crusade

Best Practices: Dynamic Strategy Formulation by Silicon Valley Companies

Lessons from Jack Welch: Put Values First

Shared Values

Best Practices: Disney

Best Practices: Coway Woongjin

Best Practices: GE Values Guide

3. Inspirational Leadership

Inspiring People: 4 Key Strategies

10 Roles of Inspirational Leaders

Attitude Motivation

Entrepreneurial Leaders: 4 Specific Attributes

Creative Leadership

How To Lead Creative People

Lessons from Michael Dell: Mobilize Your People Around a Single Goal

Lessons from Jack Welch: Energize Others

SuperLeadership: Leading Others To Lead Themselves

4. Inspirational Work Environment

Building a Team Culture: Benefits and 10 Action Areas

Create Hot Teams, Not Dull Teams

Inspire Your Team

The Tao of Employee Empowerment

Lessons from Jack Welch: Instill Confidence

Lessons from Jack Welch: Involve Everyone

Continuous Improvement Culture: Kaizen Mindset

Continuous Improvement Culture: 3 Pillars

Lessons from Jack Welch: Create a Learning Culture

Lessons from Silicon Valley Firms: Getting the Most for Knowledge Workers

Best Practices: Google's 10 Golden Rules

Harness the Power of Diversity

Coaching Culture

Coaching in the Workplace: List of Activities

Lessons from Jack Welch: Behave Like a Small Company

Lessons from Jack Welch: Live Speed

Lessons from Jack Welch: Simplify

Building Trust

Lessons from Jack Welch: Make Business Fun

Best Practices: Silicon Valley – The Fun Factor

Best Practices: Hackathon at JotSpot

5. Make Relentless Innovation a Religion

Creating a Culture for Innovation: 5 Strategies

Lessons from Jack Welch: Get Good Ideas from Anywhere

Innovation-friendly Organization: 6 Components

Best Practices: Organizational Structure of Silicon Valley Firms

Creating a Relentless Growth Attitude

Create a Culture of Questioning

Facilitating Cross-pollination of Ideas

The Tao of Intellectual Cross-pollination

Leading Innovation: Empowering Cross-functional Teams

Best Practices: Rewarding Innovative Behavior in Silicon Valley Firms

Experimentation – The Key To Discovery

Freedom to Fail

The Jazz of Innovation: 11 Practice Tips


Inspiring Vision

Create a vision that inspires and directs the organization. Ensure that it is broad enough to allow great flexibility. Communicate your vision to everyone in your organization and create an innovation-adept culture environment that encourages entrepreneurial creativity to make the vision a reality.

"Leaders inspire people with clear visions of how things can be done better,“ writes Jack Welch, the legendary former CEO of GE. “The best leader do not provide a step-by-step instruction manual for workers. The best leaders are those who come up with new idea, and articulate a vision that inspires others to act.

Case in Point: GlaxoSmithKline

The pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline has a mission 'to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better, and live longer'. The company "does not define its mission in mundane terms of drugs or medicines or markets, but in inspirational terms of helping people do more, feel better and live longer."

Failure as a Primary Vehicle for Success

Failure provides a great learning opportunity and should be viewed as a very lifeblood of success. "If you give people freedom to innovate, the freedom to experiment, the freedom to succeed, then you must also give them the freedom to fail. According to Deepak Seethi of AT&T, the organization of tomorrow will demand mistakes and failures. It is only by trying lots of initiatives that we can improve our chances that one of them will be a star."

Case in Point: Silicon Valley

What makes Silicon Valley so successful as the engine of high-tech growth is the Darwinian process of failure. Commentator and author Mike Malone puts it like this, 'Outsiders think of Silicon Valley as a success, but it is, in truth, a graveyard. Failure is Silicon Valley's greatest strength. Every failed product or enterprise is a lesson stored in the collective memory. We don't stigmatize failure, we admire it. Venture Capitalists like to see a little failure in the résumés of entrepreneurs.'




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