Innovation is actually a very simple phenomenon. Innovation is about Love:

do what you love to do, and
love your customers
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❶  Inspire. Provide an inspiring vision; lead innovation; emphasize

opportunities, not problems; trust your people and stimulate generation of radical ideas >>>

❷  Organize. Set rules; create a system, guiding principles and processes supporting innovation and idea management >>>

❸  Synergize diversities; facilitate cross-pollination of ideas; create and empower cross-functional teams >>>

❹  Empower. Create a culture of questioning; encourage risk taking; give your people freedom to experiment, fail, learn from failures, and start again more intelligently.  >>>

❺  Reward Measure progress; reward both individual and collective contributions; celebrate success, make business fun. The reward system should recognize that developing innovative solutions and breakthroughs is of greater value than managing or improving the existing well-established processes and products.  >>>

High-Performing CULTURE  >>  Inspiring    Team    Customer-focused    No Blame

Innovation Management    Climate    Innovation Team >> Cross-functional >> Empower


9 Signs of a Losing Organization

What Do You Want To Change in the Culture?

Be specific:

What would you change? What are your organizationís barriers to innovation?

What would it take to do that?  >>>

How will you make this work? Who can help you, and how?

How long would it require?

What do you need to do before making the change?  >>>

How could you be successful by breaking the vicious loop where your culture discourages innovation and thus itself cannot be changed?

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