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Leader-Manager Synergy

Leader knows where to go.

Manager knows how.

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Manager-Coach Synergy

Manager knows what's to be done.

Coach helps employees to do their best.



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If you stop learning,
you stop creating history and become history.

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Build and Lead a Winning Innovative Team! 

Losing organizations create dull teams.

Winning organizations create inspired teams!

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  1. Team vs. Group

  2. Building a Team Culture

  3. Make Everybody a Team Player

  4. Winning Team: 1 + 6 Intertwined Pillars

  5. Characteristics of a Winning Team

  6. 5 Keys To Team Success

  7. Indisputable Laws of Teamwork

  8. Nine Roles of a Team Leader

  9. Virtual Teams: Benefits and Challenges

  10. Leading Innovation: Inspire Your Team

  11. Nourish the Entrepreneurial Spirit

  12. Create Hot Teams, Not Dull Teams

  13. Best Practices: IDEO's Hot Studio System

  14. Harness the Power of Diversity

  15. Cross-functional Teams: Key Tasks

  16. Engaging Cross-functional Teams

  17. Empowering Cross-functional Teams

  18. Best Practices: Innovation Teams at Quantum

  19. Cross-functional Teams: Recommendations

  20. Team Assessment


Let the Entrepreneurial Spirit Soar and Blossom

Successful businesses and teams have one significant thing in common. They keep the entrepreneurial energy alive. The entrepreneurial spirit is always adaptable, open to new ideas, obsessed with constant creativity and change, and ready to overcome barriers presented by business problems. High-energy passionate individuals with a creative, entrepreneurial spirit make things happen and attract support for a dynamic, fast-paced team.

Let the entrepreneurial spirit soar. In today’s fast-changing business environment, you and your team members need to be looking for innovative ideas constantly. Your teamwork structure must inspire passionate people to "think outside of the box" and make a difference. Create an innovative environment where team members are constantly challenged to find creative and innovative solutions to customer problems. Encourage your team members to ask “Why?” questions and run “What If?” brainstorming sessions regularly to make entrepreneurial creativity a habit, to keep the creative muscles of your team flexed, and to make innovation fun

Creative people with an entrepreneurial spirit are ready, willing and able to actively adopt new approaches and techniques to get ahead. They do so regardless the obstacles that stand fortified in the way of people who want to change things radically. Encourage, value and reward entrepreneurial action. It is the unique driving force that motivates people and inspires entrepreneurial creativity.

Reward Risk Takers

Reward risk takers if you want to generate enthusiasm and keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive. The reward program doesn’t need to be expensive. Entrepreneurial people want to feel valued, to suggest ideas freely and to pursue the most promising ideas with speed. Simple bonus programs, profit sharing, special events, and other awards go a long way to build an innovation culture that encourages employee involvement, entrepreneurial initiative and risk-taking.

Don’t forget however that risk is not the same as recklessness and those demonstrating an entrepreneurial spirit must assess and minimize the risks involved in any undertaking.