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Nice to have chance to browse You have done a great work and I have learnt a lot from it!


Z Chang, MBA Student, Cardiff University


 Christmas has come early! God bless you for this gift. Thank you Thank You

Shilane Patel, KPO Consulting

I have been fortunate to discover your informative and highly evolved business site. The e-Coach itself is clear, inspiring, and well constructed. The information content is of a high calibre and easily assimilated.

Isabel Miller Virga


I found your excellent business e-Coach pages on the web. Is it possible for me to provide a link from our own web pages to yours? We are a training organisation in the UK and frequently get asked to provide information about good sources of information on the web.

Christopher Bowerman, Tripos Consultants  


Your e-Coach is very informative and easy to learn. It prompts me to look broader and inspires new ideas. Hardly any assignment I ever submit without exploring your site. Keep up  the good work.

Syed Abbas, Student, University of Warwick


E-Coach! Donít ask me whatís here because the answer is, Everything. And lots of fascinating original stuff too. I was particularly attracted to models called ďThe Jazz of InnovationĒ and

ďThe Tao of Business SuccessĒ. In fact, thereís so much that itís the sort of site you reserve for a rainy Sunday afternoon when thereís not much else to do. Itís sure to brighten up your day. Brilliant!

Eric Garner,
Author of "Manage, Click, Learn" e-book
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