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e-Coaching vs. e-Learning

Differences & Complementarities


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Facilitating learning

Helps you learn a specific subject

Inspires you, helps you identify and define your specific goals, and  organize yourself to attain them

Subject-oriented mentoring approach: focuses on the subject matter

Person-oriented  coaching approach: focuses on building your personal capabilities and skills

Helps you learn functions you've never done before

Helps you apply yourself personally in new ways

Passes knowledge to you

Helps you unlock your true potential and generate innovative ideas

Gives effective answers

Asks effective questions

Concentrates on the depth of knowledge; develops your functional excellence

Concentrates on the width of knowledge; develops your cross-functional excellence

Facilitates vertical in-depth thinking

Facilitates lateral creative thinking, develops capabilities for building new connections and looking for wider solutions

Curriculum-based; a journey with a fixed destination

A continuous journey; never-ending improvement process

Learning for the future; helps to develop knowledge reserves

Provides just-in-time (JIT) knowledge that can be applied immediately



Broader knowledge, better ideas!

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