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Spiral Integration of Ideas (SPIN)

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KoRe e-Coach




KoRe e-Coach - VadiK's trademark creativity and thinking tool  

KoRe e-Coach is a slightly-guided creative-chaos environment that nurtures creativity, boosts cross-functional intelligence, grows smartness, and inspires innovation



InnoBall (Innovation Braiball) strategic simulation game VadiK  

InnoBall is a simulation game that builds entrepreneurial smartness, strategizing,  anticipation and creative-problem-solving skill as well as intellectual-teamwork skills





Innompic Games




Accelerated Learning 20-60-20 model Innompic Games VadiK inventor  

The 20-60-20 model of accelerated challenge-based learning is a synergy of learning by studying, doing, and watching.  Contestants learn most (60%) while inventing solutions to creative challenges.



Innompic Games: Self-Assessment of Accelerated Learning results  

Innompic Games' contests are designed to help contestants grow their entrepreneurial creativity, innovative thinking and innopreneurial smartness rapidly.





Learning SWOT Questions




Learning SWOT Questions, emfographics, emotional infographics, Денис Котельников, Dennis Kotelnikov  

Learning SWOT Questions
are not
a SWOT analysis.

SWOT analysis is made before taking a strategic action.

Learning SWOT Questions are asked after a daring strategic action







Educative InnoBall Test

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