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As Jack Welch wrote in a letter to shareholders: "In the old culture, managers got their power from secret knowledge: profit margins, market share, and all that... In the new economy, the role of the leader is to express a vision, get buy-in, and implement it. That calls for open, caring relations with every employee, and face-to-face communication. People who can't convincingly articulate a vision won't be successful. But those who can will become even more open because success breeds self-confidence."

Welch believed that great business leaders have to:

>>  possess large doses of energy, and

>>  know how to use that energy to energize others.

Welch moved from meeting to meeting, conveying that message and the host of other ones as well.

Below are some Jack Welch's trademark messages:




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Leading a big company means never allowing a company to take itself too seriously.

Jack Welch