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Keep learning forward
for if you strop learning, you stop creating history and become history.

  Great Learner: 3 Attitudes - Know Why, Burning Desire, Self-Confidence - If you stop learning you stop creating history and become history. Vadim Kotelnikov



Why Continuous Learning?

In today's rapidly changing world, the key to success is not what you know, but how fast you can learn. Your outer world of results will always correspond to your inner world of preparation and learning.


Learning Techniques

Strategic Learning

Learning and Reviewing





Failure as a Learning Opportunity

Noble failure provides a great learning opportunity and should be viewed as a very lifeblood of success... More


Failures are Stepping Stones to Success




Vadim Kotelnikov

Keep learning forward for if you strop learning, you stop creating history and become history.

Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of 1000ventures - personal logo VadiK

Inventor Business e-Coach

Author Innoball

Founder Innompic Games icon






The Success Formula according to Taoism


Success is the sum of preparation and opportunity 

Great Achiever: 8 Winning Habits

Three Objectives of Learning

  1. To cope

  2. To improve

  3. To have fun

Learning Requires

  1. Intellectual intelligence

  2. Emotional intelligence


Pearls of Wisdom


Live as if you were to die tomorrow; learn as if you were to live forever.

Mahatma Gandhi

For knowledge add a little every day, for wisdom erase a little every day.

Lao Tzu

One pound of learning requires ten pounds of common sense to apply it.

Persian proverb

I learn as much from a turtle as from a religious text.

Dalai Lama

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.


Acquire knowledge, it enables its professor to distinguish right from wrong; it lights the way to heaven. It is our friend in the desert, our company in solitude and companion when friendless. It guides us to happiness, it sustains us in misery, it is an ornament amongst friends and an armour against enemies.



No one can "get" an education, for of necessity education is a continuing process.

Louis L'Amour

Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.

David Starr Jordan

Man never rises to great truths without enthusiasm.


The most fatal illusion is the settled point of view. Life is growth and motion; a fixed point kills anybody who has one.

Brooks Atkinson

Any piece of knowledge I acquire today has a value at this moment exactly proportional to my skill to deal with it. Tomorrow, when I know more, I recall that piece of knowledge and use it better.

Mark Van Doren

Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you.

Aldous Huxsley

A life without change is not a life; it is a stagnant pool. To change your mind frivolously is a cop-out. To change your mind under the direction of the wisdom of the heart is a brush stroke on the masterpiece you are delivering to the world.

Alan Cohen, "Dare to Be Yourself"

The search for wisdom is a great challenge; to act on wisdom is an even greater challenge.


Intelligence is like a four-wheel drive. It allows you to get stuck in more remote places.

Garrison Keillor 

Two Elements of Learning

  1. Discovery  >>>

  2. Action  >>>

What Does Creativity Bring To Your Life?

  • Creativity brings an awakening, a jarring, a sense of delicious discomfort. It brings a discontinuity to your life. There is always something more to lean. A creative idea who's execution is out of your reach because your skills haven't caught up to it yet keeps you going.... More

80/20 Principle

10 Golden Rules for Successful Carriers

11 Traits of a True IT Leader

  • Commitment to lifelong learning, with a readiness to stretch beyond core competencies... More


Knowledge, Wisdom, Enlightenment

Learning Techniques    Learning Quotes

Strategic Learning    Burning Desire

Asking Searching Questions

One Hour Makes All the Difference

The Biggest Success Secret

Life is about continuous learning, discovering new things, and growing. Successful people don't think they know everything. They are open to new ideas. They are always willing to find another way, find a better solution. That's why they're successful.  Don't think you know everything and be open to learning and trying new things if you wish to achieve more, create new things, grow, be successful and live the life you want.


Learning by Doing

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." ~ Confucius

"I'm always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it ."  
Pablo Picasso

Education brings knowledge, applying it brings wisdom... More

Feedback Is Your Elevator To Success

If you succeed,  it's a learning opportunity. If you fail, it's a learning opportunity. Vadim Kotelniko quotes

Having eyes and brains is not enough, you must know how to use them.

If you can learn from feedback, you can turn any experience into success. Feedback helps you figure out the key factors you need to get right and decide what to do next if you are to succeed... More

Lifelong Learning (LLL)

Lifelong learning is  learning in which you engage throughout your life. It includes both formal and informal education. As new know knowledge is created and disseminated increasingly faster, terminology and definitions of lifelong learning (LLL) have developed in line with the shift of emphasis away from the system (in lifelong education) to the learner (in lifelong learning).

Interactive Learning

The mutual exchange of tacit and explicit knowledge describes the knowledge creation process. During the socialization mode of learning10, tacit knowledge is transferred through interactions between individuals, which may also be accomplished in the absence of language. You may learn and gain a sense of competence by observing behavior modeled by others. For example, coaching, mentoring and apprenticeships instruct tacitly through observation, imitation, and practice... More

Learning Environment

A constructivist learning environment is a place where people can draw upon resources to make sense out of things and construct meaningful solutions to problems. It emphasizes the importance of meaningful, authentic activities that help the learner to construct understandings and develop skills relevant to solving problems Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book.

10 Commandments of Innovation

Be entrepreneurial. Develop and practice entrepreneurial creativity Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book daily, learn continually... More

Learning and Forgetting

The most important main idea in learning and forgetting is to understand that both processes are activity dependent. The less knowledge is used, the greater the forgetting. Similarly, the more something is repeated, the better the remembering. Just-in-case learning (where you learn everything just-in-case you need it in the future) is predicated on ignoring the forgetting process.11


Everybody is different, and there are probably hundreds of different study and memorization techniques; the trick is finding the ones that work. Brown and Miller12 list some of them... More

Memorizing through Reviewing

Short reviews will help you retain the lecture information. With no reviews, you virtually have to re-learn the material after about a month... More


If you stop learning, you stop creating history and become history. Vadim Kotelnikov quotes




Remembering Through Reviewing



Accidental Discoveries

Serendipity >> KoRe 10 Tips

Feedback How To Use It Constructively

Feedback Is Your Elevator To Success

4 Types of Opinions that Matter

Pearls of Wisdom

I have learned...

Cultural Intelligence

Hinduism: Gain the Highest Through Knowledge

Confucius about Knowledge and Learning

Learning Organization

Idea Management


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