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Harmony is a pleasing combination of different parts. In human interactions, harmony is an agreement of ideas, feelings, or actions.

To build wonderful harmonious relationships, be a shawl of empathy, a shower of joy, and a well of inspiration.

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Foundation of Good Relationships

Rapport is sympathy between people or groups. It is a key to connecting with people, harmonious relationships, building trust, influencing and persuading people, effective collaboration, and relationship marketing.

Having rapport as a foundation for the relationship means that when there are issues to discuss, you already have a culture in place that makes it easier to talk them through and thus to prevent issues from developing into complaints, objections or problems.



Vadim Kotelnikov

To build wonderful relationships,
be a shawl of empathy, a shower of joy,
and a well of inspiration.

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The Key To Influence

To influence you have to appreciate and understand the other person's standpoint. It starts with acceptance of the other person's point of view, their state and their style of communication. These work both ways: you can influence the other person only if you're open to influence yourself.




The Key to Building Trust

Rapport is achieved when two people can see the other person's viewpoint, appreciate each other's feelings, and be on the same wavelength. We all have different maps of reality ways in which we perceive the world and we can only really understand people who look at the world the way we do.



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Taking the other person's perceptual position will help you achieve rapport and build trust. People open up to you more easily and give you their trust if they feel understood.

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Loving Customer Relationships

Show your existing customers more loving if you want them to love you back. Think beyond mere customer service or customer retention to generate greater benefits. Strive to delight your customers throughout the entire relationship journey, love your customers to get them to love you... More



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Community-wide Rapport

Community-wide rapport is friendship and mutual sympathy effective and operative throughout the whole community. Its pleasures structure spiritual, moral and collaborative interactions between individuals in such a way that all parties enjoy it and benefit from it. Example





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If you stop learning,
you stop creating history and become history.

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Harmonious Working Relationships
Camaraderie and having a harmonious relationship with colleagues will shape a happy and comfortable work environment where colleagues are helpful, motivating and supportive to each other. In such an environment, it is possible for the employees to perform better at their jobs and lesser issues during team work.
Why is it important to maintain harmonious working relationships?
Improved teamwork: It is common knowledge that people who get on well with each other are more likely to work well together. Improved employee morale: The development of good relationships in the workplace have the potential to improve the mood of employees, making them subsequently more productive.

The top 5 skills for a happy relationship
Empathy. Sometimes, arguments reach a stalemate because neither partner is willing to listen to what the other is saying. ...
Communication. It's an obvious one, but bears repeating: communication is one of the most important skills in any relationship. ...
Conflict. ...
Commitment. ...

What ensures a good, happy marriage? Experience and research reveals that the most important elements in a successful marriage are good character traits and communication skills. This succinct list describes the essential qualities that are so vital to nurture in oneself and to recognize in others.

13 Steps to Harmonious Relationships

Step 1. Be Understanding
Understand with empathy. Listen attentively, with compassion. Ask clarifying and open-ended questions to fully understand and to show your interest. Communicate your understanding with "active listening" and by responding in a non-critical and non-defensive way.

Step 2. Be Respectful
Honor each person by showing positive regard and respect. Relate to the essential goodness of each person, even when it is hidden. Recognize their great potential. Show them that you know how precious and valuable they are by expressing respect and appreciation.

Step 3. Be Sincere
Be genuine. Be really present with authentic and sincere interest. Share your best self, your highest feelings, your soulful connection, your caring and desire to help.

Step 4. Be Exemplary
Teach by example. Be a living example of what you want to teach. Inspire others with your positive attitude, joyful feelings and actions. Be a good role model.

Step 5. Be Clear
Communicate well. Speak their language, verbal and non-verbal, to build rapport, comfort and trust. For good communication, speak in ways that allows them to understand you, and in ways, such as by accurately summarizing and reflecting what they have said, so that they feel heard and understood.

Step 6. Be Encouraging
Praise other people's positive attributes and express admiration and appreciation for their talents, qualities, accomplishments, values and courage. Validate their feelings and normalize their reactions. Acknowledge and endorse their positive aspirations such as their desire to learn and grow.

Step 7. Be Supportive
Support and assist sensitively and compassionately with information, referrals, contacts, endorsements, backing, coaching, mentoring, teaching and training.

Step 8. Be Empowering
Empower others by supporting them in making their own decisions. Gently offer guidance in clarifying goals, considering consequences and choosing accomplishable steps. Their successes will increase their self-respect, confidence, sense of responsibility and empowerment.

Step 9. Be Prayerful & Optimistic
Optimistically trust in the essential goodness and growth of others .Visualize a harmonious relationship, seeing the other blessed in light and love, protected and growing. Prayers, blessings, affirmations and visualizations are powerful forces, benefiting everyone!

Step 10. Be Grateful & Gracious
Express your gratitude. Show your appreciation. Be specific with your thanks and gratitude in a timely fashion. Be grateful and acknowledge what others mean to you. Showing gratitude works wonders. Be gracious and find grace in the eyes of the Creator and of Mankind.

Step 11. Be Kind & Caring
Being kind and caring is our true calling, our soul's divine nature. The benevolent giving of ourselves, with kind gestures, caring attitudes, and actions, is a blessing and healing for those we give to, and are a blessing and healing for ourselves.

Step 12. Be A Good Friend
A good friend allows us to give, as well as to receive and feel appreciated. Even when friends are not equally capable, each has something to give the other. Creating opportunities for the other to give and gratefully receiving their gifts are the acts of a good friend.

Step 13. Be Loving
To love is to give unselfishly. God created us with love and He instructed us to love Him and His creation. Love is our soul's calling. Our destiny is to be loving, emulating the qualities of God. Love is nurturing & healing, stimulating emotional, spiritual physical growth & development.

Following the path of these 13 Steps in your search for your soul mate, you can expect to find, recognize and attract your soul mate walking on the very same path.

5 Ways to Promote Sibling Harmony
Avoid comparisons. Nothing causes more short- and long-term damage to the sibling dynamic than comparing academic or extracurricular achievements. ...
Try having them share a room. ...
Intervene when they argue. ...
Introduce meaningful apologies. ...
Predict, prevent, and prepare.