Rapport is harmony, agreement, and sympathy between people or groups.

It is a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand and respect each other's perceptions and feelings and communicate well.

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Levels of Rapport

Higher self, the purpose of life

Beliefs and values


Character and personality







Benefits of Rapport Building

Rapport is a key to connecting with people, harmonious relationships, building trust, influencing and persuading people, effective collaboration, and relationship marketing.




Philip H. Knight quotes

He was easy to talk to, and easy not to talk to
equally important qualities in a friend.

Philip H. Knight



How To Build a Good Rapport

Human beings can build rapport by connecting through shared interests, empathy, mutual understanding and trust.

The stronger your connection with others, the more you are able to understand and empathize with them. And vice versa.

Your People Skills



Vadim Kotelnikov

To build wonderful relationships,
be a shawl of empathy, a shower of joy,
and a well of inspiration.

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NLP Psychology of Success

"Rapport works best when it is a philosophy a way of dealing with people and a way of doing business at all times in contrast to doing rapport as a technique in a sales meeting or when there is a problem." ~ Sue Knight





Community-wide rapport, passionate team  

Community-wide Rapport

Community-wide rapport is friendship and mutual sympathy effective and operative throughout the whole community. Its pleasures structure spiritual, moral and collaborative interactions between individuals in such a way that all parties enjoy it and benefit from it.





Keep growing!




Vadim Kotelnikov

Keep learning to keep growing. If you stop learning, you stop creating history and become history.

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