Need for Clearly Defined Shared Values

The shared values are the roots of the tree of your business success.

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All people − strategic partners, team members, and employees, especially knowledge workers, − are looking for a values fit in order to give their best to the organization. They need to know what the organization is about, what it stands for, and if its values are in harmony with their own ones.




Shared values is an organization's code of behavior that defines what is and isn't acceptable and simplifies decision-making processes.


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Techniques to Create Shared Purpose and Values

① Define clearly the vision and mission of your organization and reinforce them by keeping communicating a clear view on the long-range direction to your people;

② Engage your partners / employees in creating a list of shared values that define what your organization stands for;

③ Work out a unique shared language ( Example), including, if appropriate, body language ( Example) and a corporate song ( Example),  that reflect your shared values.

④ Document corporate histories, write stories, create videos, and organize events that dramatize guiding principles and shared values.

⑤ Organize creative development events ( Example), trainings, orientation programs, and performance shows ( Example) that emphasize your shared values





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Jack Welch advice business quotes

Put values first. Don't focus too much on the numbers. Focus more on the softer values of building a team, sharing ideas, exciting others.

Jack Welch


Steve Jobs advice quotes

The only thing that works is management by values. Find people who are competent and really bright, but more importantly, people who care exactly about the same things you care about.

Steve Jobs




Value Mantra

Value mantra encodes a lot of meaning in a short phrase. Usually, it is a 3-5 word shorthand encapsulation of your customer-focused intent that may include one or two key points of difference in it... More




Innompic Games

Shared Values of Innompic Games

① Innompians pursue enthusiastically and proudly their shared vision of turning the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators... More