Innompic Games

Shared Values of Innompic Games

① Innompians pursue enthusiastically and proudly their shared vision of turning the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators... More




Inspiring People: 4 Strategies


Case Studies Nike

Nike create a winning culture through visual representations of their values: competitiveness, inclusiveness, and action.



Case Studies Intel

At Intel, every new employee participates in seven seminars during the first year of employment that cover the company's values, culture, and business, and spell out the employee behaviors that go along with living the Intel values.

Inspiring Culture: 5 Elements

Case Studies Walt Disney

Disney's values:

  • No cynicism

  • Nurturing and promulgation of "wholesome American values"

  • Creativity, dreams, and imagination

  • Fanatical attention to consistency and detail

  • Preservation and control of the Disney "magic"

Case Studies General Electric (GE)

Jack Welch, the legendary former CEO of GE, believed that the only way to lead is to talk about company's values, not numbers.

25 Lessons from Jack Welch

Put Values First

Welch said, "Numbers aren't the vision; numbers are products. We always say that if you had three measurements to live by, they'd be employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and cash flow. If you've got cash in the till at the end, the rest is all going to work, because if you've got high customer satisfaction, you're going to get a share. If you've got high employee satisfaction, you're going to get productivity. And if you've got cash, you know it's all working."... More

Case Studies Infosys

Narayana Mutrhy, founder of Infosys, stressed the importance of shared values in building a great company. According to him, a great company practices an enduring value system, and follows the finest system of corporate governance... More

Case Studies SynerGenics

Burson-Marsteller, a world's largest public relations agency,  created a company called "SynerGenics" that not only helps a company define its corporate culture but rolls up its sleeves with the company's executives to help them implement an "employee involvement" program. Geoffrey Nightingale, creator of B-M's highly successful Creative Services Department, looked into how to make a company "values-driven." Working with a psychologist/management expert, Nightingale researched the question for two years. He concluded that employees of a values-driven company understand the company's vision and values clearly and feel a "market affiliation." The result is a company where all employees feel "a sense of wholeness." The employees feel that they own the company... More

Case Studies Silicon Graphics

Silicon Graphics (SGI) has a set of values, for which it annually gives "The Spirit of SGI" awards. Winning employees are nominated and selected by their peers as capturing and promulgating the essence and spirit of SGI values. The prizes include trips to resort locations such as Hawaii.



Case Studies Universiti Technologi Mara, Malaysia

The logo of the University incorporates four main colors: Dark Blue, Purple, Yellow and White that symbolyse the core values of UTM... More

Case Studies Hewlett-Packard (HP)

Originally put in writing in 1989 by David Packard, HP values are the centerpiece of the Hewlett-Packard Way. Hewlett-Packard's stated values are not uniquely different from most major companies. What makes the H-P Way unique, though, is the seriousness with which values are treated as a management tool. They are not spread by sloganeering, but serve as criteria for daily decision-making and advancement.

The HP values are as follows:

  • We approach each situation with the belief that people want to do a good job and will do so, given the proper tools and support. We attract highly capable, diverse, and innovative people and recognize their efforts and contribution to the company... More

Case Studies Monsanto

From  the Robert Shapiro's, Monsanto CEO, perspective, the company has three important core values:

  1. Customer focus: To be an organization that is fanatically dedicated to customers, to anticipating customers' needs in a changing marketplace, always attacking the status quo by doing something superior to what's out there today.

  2. Openness to newness and diversity: In a world that's changing, you don't want an attitude that says, "I don't like change much, how do we stop it?" When something new comes along, you want to react by saying, "How do we make use of it? How do we get out ahead of it?" We need to have people who recognize that success and survival are based on anticipation, not on hanging on to the past. That are linked as a matter of psychological habit to acceptance of diversity. Hanging on to the status quo as a mind-set is a real impediment in many companies.

  3. Environmental responsibility: Monsanto people developed a special commitment to environmental protection, to sustainability. They have had to deal with environmental issues because of the nature of the business they historically were in.

Case Studies Steelcase

Steelcase Inc., a Fortune 500 company, helps individuals and organizations around the world to work more effectively by providing knowledge, products and services that enable customers and their consultants to create work environments that harmoniously integrate architecture, furniture and technology. Steelcase was founded in 1912 by people with a strong commitment to integrity and doing the right thing for their employees, customers, business partners, associates and neighbors. Their principles became the foundation of the company, passed on from decade to decade. Steelcase write in their Core Values chapter:

Living our core values is essential to our identity, reputation and success today, just as it was in the past. At Steelcase, we:

  • Act with integrity

  • Tell the truth

  • Keep commitments

  • Treat people with dignity and respect

  • Promote positive relationships

  • Protect the environment

  • Excel