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Progroup is a US corporation that focuses on workplace diversity >>>

Same Reality, Different Perceptions

It not only has its own knowledge specialists who build knowledge bases, but also has arranged with various corporations from whom it obtains knowledge to supplement its own efforts.

①  One type of arrangement involves buying specialized knowledge bases from other companies. This involves negotiating formally with the intention of purchasing an intellectual property right.

②  Another arrangement involves the mutual sharing of knowledge by like-minded companies. These less formal arrangements have yielded a synergy that has proved extremely helpful to both the concerned companies over the long run.

The arrangement has worked for both partnering companies because each one has been as committed to the success of the other as to itself.

Thus the nature of the mutual-trust relationship that exists between both the partners has been important. Investing in a quality relationship takes time and effort but has proved worth this time and effort for Progroup.



 Source: "The Knowledge Management Fieldbook," Buckowitz, W.R. and Williams, R.L.