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Keep a flat organization in which all issues are discussed openly... More

Bill Gates


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Every layer is a bad layer. Without all those layers, your company can become lean and agile. Simplify, remove complexity... More

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Hewlett-Packard set the pattern for a divisional structure of an innovative organization long ago. Divisions aggregated into units such as Test and Measurement Organization are the core dominant organizational entities of the company. When John Chambers, President and CEO of Cisco Systems looked around for large-scale organizational models that sustained innovation, customer intimacy and satisfaction, he found Hewlett-Packard to be the best.

Case Studies Cisco Systems

When Cisco Systems divisionilized, they established councils that operate across business units to force cooperation on key innovations, customers and markets. These councils are composed primarily on marketing and sales people. Furthermore, the company continued to reward key executives on the company’s overall performance in order to prevent competition and promote cooperation between divisions.

Case Studies Quantum

Quantum launched Plus Development division to create an upside opportunity for people after the growth of the parent company has slowed. Using vehicles such as phantom stock it provided a feel and reward of a startup and helped Quantun retain key staffers who might have left the company and formed a startup of their own.

Case Studies Cirrus Logic

To improve communication and cooperation between divisions, Cirrus Logic use cross-divisional councils as a platform for defining new technologies and developing business strategy.