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Do what commons sense dictates


Follow the law of nature


A leader should have a vision


Dreams should be shared


Management is Perpetual Creation


Don't assume that something is “impossible"


Transparent management fosters growth


Employ "Dam Management" to ensure steady growth


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Follow the Laws of Nature

Obey the laws of nature: this is the very core of Konosuke Matsushita’s business philosophy. Successful business is ordinary, normal business, selling at a price that allows a fair margin or profit, collecting payment on time, and so on. Clever strategies and careful calculations may be important, but simple universal laws must always be observed.


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Do What Common Sense Dictates

If there is a formula for business success, Matsushita felt, it is operating in this straightforward, down-to-earth way, as simply and sensibly as opening an umbrella in the rain.


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Management Is Perpetual Creation

For Konosuke Matsushita, business was a creative activity; it was a process of producing something valuable out of nothing. You start with an idea for an enterprise. Then you hammer out a basic plan, raise the necessary capital, and put together the necessary facilities and equipment. Finally, you hire employees, develop a line of products, manufacture them, thereby making a contribution to society. Moreover, each area of management has its own mode of operation, and anyone hoping to succeed in business must be able to adapt those modes quickly to the constantly changing social and economic environment.



Don't Assume That Something Is “Impossible“

"We speak of the shortcomings of the purely intellectual approach, but this refers to our wariness of half-baked theories that can prevent us from proceeding to a practical solution,” said Matsushita. “If necessity is the mother of invention, then simple, unaffected determination is its father. Even when everyone around you say it's impossible, if you step back and rethink your task in the simplest possible terms, free of the noise of over-erudite and preconceived notions, often the solutions will come to you, out of the blue, so to speak."


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Dam Management

Various economic factors can inhibit corporate growth. Konosuke Matsushita believed, however, that continued progress is possible with the right approach, such as by employing what he called the "dam method" of management. Matsushita's dam management offered a way to keep an enterprise on an even keel in times of unexpected changes in business conditions, and included useful techniques for achieving the goal of maintaining steady growth at all times. It is essential to create a strong internal structure capable of surviving the economic crises that might lie ahead. A business can maintain steady growth, and protect itself against changes in the external environment, by erecting a dam and reservoir in every part of its management, such as an "equipment dam" and a "capital dam" that provide insurance for stable growth.



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Bad Times Have Their Bright Side

Konosuke Matsushita had an idiosyncratic view of the meaning of good times. During prosperous times," he would say, "you move along at a gallop; in times of recession, you saunter at a leisurely pace. When you're galloping, you haven't got time to look around you, so you don't notice any problem. But when your pace slackens, you can see everything in all directions, and if you notice something wrong you have time to fit it."


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