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7-S Model


Tomas J.Peters,
Robert H.Waterman, and
Julien R.Phillips

"Seven-Ss" Formula as  a Comprehensive Guide to
the Culture and Behavior of Corporations





Strategy the route that the organization has chosen for its future growth; a plan an organization formulates to gain a sustainable competitive advantage Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Structure the framework in which the activities of the organization's members are coordinated. The four basic structural forms are the functional form, divisional structure, matrix structure, and network structure.

Systems the formal and informal procedures, including business systems, management system, innovation system, compensation systems, management information systems, and capital allocation systems, that govern everyday activity... More



Style the leadership approach of top management and the organization's overall operating approach; also the way in which the organization's employees present themselves to the outside world, to suppliers and customers Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book.

Skills what the company does best; the distinctive capabilities and competencies that reside in the organization.

Staff the organization's human resources; refers to how people are developed, trained, socialized, integrated, motivated, and how their carriers are managed.  >>>

Shared values originally called superordinate goals; the guiding principles and concepts of the organization values and aspirations, often unwritten that go beyond the conventional statements of corporate objectives; the fundamental ideas around which a business is built; the things that influence a group to work together for a common aim.




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