Gamification of learning is a form or learning-by-doing based on the addition of game elements such as challenge-based competition, fun, and awards to the learning process.


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Gamification may include techniques such as:

▪ Achievement reward systems: badges, medals, cups, titles, stars, award certificates, etc. It works more efficiently if the materials contain both simple achievements and complex, multi-stage ones

▪ Gradual complication of tasks

▪ Creation of a fascinating plot or memorable bright characters

▪ Creating an effect of surprise (for example, a sharp plot twist or a new attribute that suddenly appears)






Game dynamics and game mechanics are used to foster engagement and motivate participants.

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Game mechanics are the rules and rewards that define how participants engage with a gamification program and receive next steps and feedback on accomplishments. Examples may include missions, points, badges, levels, and progress.

Game dynamics refer to a set of desires, behaviors, and emotions found in game mechanics that resonate with people.






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