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Coaching by Questions








Answers can not enlighten, questions can. When a coachee has an answer, s/he remains in the same place. When a coaching addresses a coaching question, s/he invents  way forward.

Ask questions when you discuss tasks which the coachee will need to reinvent and do differently.

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Non-directive Coaching

A good question is much better than an advice. A clever question can instantly open our eyes, transform our lives and launch us in a whole new direction.

Non-directive coaching that involves inspiring, asking effective questions, summarizing, paraphrasing, reflecting, and listening can help you and the player you are coaching achieve amazing results.




If you adopt non-directive approach, people learn in minutes things that would take you, operating from a more conventional directive model, hours to teach.


Coaching: Ask/Tell Repertoire



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Self-Coaching by Asking Questions

What am I best at doing for myself? How do I do that? How can I apply these skills in new ways to achieve my goals?