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Success is what you, not others, consider to be success... More



Know what motivates  people, their needs, and adapt this knowledge to the specific culture and perceptions of your coachees.  >>>

Ask learning and searching questions to help the player to understand consciously his/her current level of motivation >>>

Help the player to ask effective 'Why? What If?' questions to discover the roots of limiting beliefs and opportunities for growth.  >>>

Help the player to develop a burning desire to make a difference, a mindset of a great achiever, and get energized.


Help the player to create and inspiring vision of how well he/she could perform.

Help the player to set stretch goals.

Help the player to get rid of limiting beliefs, establish empowering beliefs and see him/herself as a victor >>>

Urge the player to take the first step towards s/his vision and learn from feedback.

Help the player to treat successes, failures, problems and challenges as opportunities and ask learning SWOT questions.

Support the player in his/her efforts through praise, awakening questions and coaching >>>