Responsibility matrix lays out the major activities in the project and precisely details the responsibilities of each stakeholder involved in a project. It is an important project communication tool because all stakeholders can see clearly who to contact for each activity.  Another advantage to this change management process is that the project manager is always left with a written document to refer to in the event of a dispute.

Steps Involved in Setting Up a Responsibility Matrix

  • List the major activities in the project (in the matrix rows)

  • List the stakeholder group (in the matrix columns)

  • Specify the involvement level, authority role, and responsibility of each stakeholder by codifying the responsibility matrix

  • Incorporate the responsibility matrix into the project rules (the original version of the responsibility matrix and all future changes in it must be approved by project stakeholders)

For large projects, a separate responsibility matrix should be developed for each subproject

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Business Synergies Approach to Project Management