Project Management:

Project Leader Skills

Project Leadership Self-Assessment

By: Paula K.. Martin and Karen Tate, the authors of Getting Started in Project Management

Complete the following self-assessment, using a 1 to 5 scale:

1 = never

2 = sometimes

3 = half the time

4 = most of the time

5 = all of the time



  1. My projects are completed on time

  2. My customers are satisfied with the project management process and the final deliverables produced

  3. Stakeholders are satisfied with the project management process

  4. My projects are completed within budget

  5. I use a participatory project management method involving the team in the project planning and decision-making with intensive horizontal information flow

  6. I never begin a project without a charter

  7. I hold a participative kick-off meeting to introduce the team to the project

  8. I make sure that the customer need is well understood

  9. I make sure that customer requirements are clearly defined

  10. I make sure that the team identifies and manages stakeholder interests

  11. The team defines the scope boundaries for the project

  12. A subproject tree, showing clear accountability for subprojects and deliverables, is completed by the team for each project

  13. A risk assessment is completed for each of my projects, and countermeasures to reduce risk are identified and included in the project plan

  14. My schedules include a contingency factor for unforeseen problems

  15. Staff effort requirements are documented in the project plan

  16. Project plans are reviewed and approved by the sponsor, customer, and key stakeholders

  17. Change management procedures are included in each project plan document

  18. The main project team focuses on deliverables and allows the subprojects to focus on activities

  19. Interdependencies are carefully managed at both the main project and subproject levels

  20. Subproject leaders are empowered to get their pieces of the work done and held accountable for the results

  21. All project status reports use a standard format

  22. Staff effort actuals are documented on the status report form

  23. Project teams perform customer evaluations as part of the close-out process

  24. Lessons learned and recommendations for improvement are included in the close-out report