Managing Change


Project Management

Classic and New Approaches

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What is a Project?

Project is a planned set of interrelated tasks to be executed over a fixed period and within certain limitations... More

What is Project Management?

Managing projects is not the same as managing ongoing operations. This work that is unique and temporary requires different management disciplines... More



Two Major Types of Projects

Project Panning and  Project Management Approaches


 Project ManagementProject Management: MBA approachProject Management: MBS approachTen3 Business e-Coach: global successProject Management: Two Approaches  - Classic Static and Modern Dynamic, Innovation Process

Project Type

Management Approach

Lifestyle Projects developing new or improving existing products, services or infrastructures in a lifestyle business environment

Project Administration   classic approach built on the triple constraints of project management - cost, duration, and outcome

Venture Projects implementing disruption strategies or developing new products/services for rapidly changing and highly competitive markets

Business Synergies new entrepreneurial Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book approach to managing projects; goes beyond the triple constraints to consider project and project outcome lifecycle in a wider context of the overall organizational strategy





Two Phases of Project Development

❶ Promising to deliver

Delivering on the promise

 "Most projects require three hands." 

Strategic Project Management (SPM)

SPM is the process of managing complex projects by combining business strategy and project management techniques in order to implement the business strategy and to deliver organizational breakthroughs... More

How to plan and manage
radical change / innovation project

How to plan and manage
Information Technology (IT) project

Radical projects
require specific approaches.

70% of radical projects fail because
project managers lack relevant skills.

Yet, you can not just succeed, but
achieve far beyond aspirations
if you use these master keys:



 Identify Project Stakeholders

The five primary project stakeholders are the project manager, the project team, the functional management, the sponsor, and the customer... More

Apply the 80/20 Principle

The 80/20 Principle says that 80% of the value of any project will come from 20% of its activities... More

Turn Failed Projects Into New Opportunities

To profit from experience you must be open and willing to learn, even from what some people might consider a failure Case Studies. What may seem to be a failure can actually lead to new opportunities, especially if the knowledge acquired from the failed projects can be exploited. Effective Learning SWOT Questions can serve as a starting point for the assimilation of learning... More