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Innovative and Creative Circle (ICC)





Innovative & Creative Circle (ICC) refers to a small group of workers from the same work unit or across departments who meet regularly to identify, select and analyze problems associated with work and submit a proposal to management for consideration and to carry out the suggestions once approved.

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ICC is an effective management mechanism for building highly competent human capital in the Public Service in order to realise the aspirations of the Government to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Government agencies in delivering services to the people.

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In addition, ICC also has basic principles that recognise employees as the most valuable resource of the organisation and provides a forum for them to be involved in the decision-making process and to further implement the measures decided as a team.









In accordance with needs and changes within and outside the country, the Government has reviewed the role and methods used for organisational problem-solving. ICC aims to encourage an innovative and creative culture and provide an opportunity for members of the Public Service to polish their skills and improve their competency.

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Why was the ICC implemented?





ICC Conventions are implemented in an effort to promote the participation of citizens in introducing innovation and improve the service to customers.

The ICC was implemented to improve and enhance the quality and productivity of work, especially in the service delivery system to customers through:




① The ability to create new ways of working or innovation;

② The ability to solve problems or make improvements to work

③ The spirit of teamwork

④ Inculcating and implementing positive values and work ethic

⑤ Involvement in an improved commitment to work

⑥ Strong encouragement to work

⑦ Awareness of responsibility for oneself, one’s team, organisation and country

⑧ Promoting the production of innovative ideas and creativity

⑨ Creation of a harmonious relationship between management and workers.


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Guidance on the ICC was improved to continue the momentum of the innovation and creativity culture in the public sector and thus provide an opportunity for all parts of the public sector to polish their skills and enhance their competence in producing high-impact innovative projects.

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Accordingly, the Culture and Innovation in the Public Sector Empowerment Through the New Horizon of the Innovative and Creative Circle Guide was published.

The Culture and Innovation in the Public Sector Empowerment through the New Horizon of the Innovative and Creative Circle (ICC) Guide emphasises the outcomes and potential development projects.




The main objectives of this Convention are as follows:
The development project phase is the last stage to translate the successful implementation of the First Phase (Production of Projects) and Second Phase (Recognition). This phase includes commercialisation, replication and innovation competition.

Replication is generally interpreted as the process of producing a copy that is the same. In the context of the ICC, replication is a method that allows agencies to use or adapt projects that benefit the ICC as appropriate and according to the needs of each agency.

The usability of ICC projects can be benefited through sharing of the production of projects among agencies. This method can save cost and time of development of new projects and provide benefits to the public sector.

Persada Public Service Innovation Council (MPIPA)

The Persada Public Service Innovation Council (MPIPA) is an annual event organised by the Institute of Public Administration (INTAN), which is held to give recognition and show appreciation to civil servants who actively generate innovative projects, especially through the Innovative and Creative Circle (ICC) at state and ministry level.

To appreciate and give recognition to the staff involved in the ICC by giving them a chance to present their ideas;

To convince that the ICC can help the Management in solving work related problems and carry out continuous improvement;

To prove and give confidence to the Public Service that the ICC can be adopted in the public sector;

To obtain feedback on problems faced in implementing the ICC in the public sector in order to enhance the effectiveness of the ICC program


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