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How To Build a Team Culture

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Provide an inspiring vision and strategic alignment. Formulate guiding principles and set common and consistent strategic goals.


Team Culture

Team Building




Define shared values jointly with team members. Set standards of behavior for working together that are seen as appropriate for everyone in the team. "Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work," said Vince Lombardi.


Team vs. Group

Inspiring Culture

Make Everybody a Team Player

Let Values Rule




Give interesting challenges that inspire intellectual teamwork and joint creative activities. Set stretch targets. According to Jack Welch, stretching tells team members that the leaders want to "get the best out of people not by fighting budgets, but by getting people to do the best they can."


7 Elements of a Winning Team

Stretch Goals

25 Lessons from Jack Welch





Develop team leaders. Involve everyone and help people grow as both individuals and as a team. Provide motivational coaching. "Deal with your staff and employees as co-workers. Trust and serve them," advised Konosuke Matsushita.


9 Roles of a Team Leader

Inclusive Leadership

Help People Grow




Find the right fit for each person and ensure role clarity among team members. Celebrate diversity and synergize perceptions, competencies, knowledge, ideas, and skills of all team members.


Find the Right Fit for Every Employee: Laziness-Smartness Matrix



Happy Business, high-LQ team culture  

Create a family-like atmosphere, a culture of belonging, and a high-LQ culture of love for each other. "There’s no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat your staff how you would like to be treated. I have always pushed Virgin companies to ensure everybody feels part of the team," says Richard Branson.




Encourage team activities. Play entrepreneurial simulation games, such as InnoBall (Innovation Brainball) with promising ideas.


Great Benefits of the InnoBall Simulation Game




Organize intellectual corporate games. For instance, joyful all-win Innompic Games unite people and help them grow both from within and through mutual learning.

  Innompic Games: Accelerated Learning 20-60-20 creative teamwork team culture



Empower teams. The power should be both perceived and real. "Treat your employees as partners. In turn, they will treat you as a partner. Together you will all perform beyond your wildest expectation," advised Sam Walton.


How to Strengthen Team Culture in Your Company

Intellectual Teamwork



Happy Business, high-LQ team culture  

Make your workplace fun. To illustrate, according to Tom Kelley from IDEO, "pranks and play gave people a feeling of belonging to something larger than themselves."

Celebrate victories. Share gains. Reward collective achievements. Shared rewards inspire teamwork and unite people.






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