In the new era of Systemic Innovation Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, it is more important for an organization to be cross-functionally excellent than functionally excellent.

Firms which are successful in realizing the full returns from their technologies and Product Innovations are able to match their technological developments with complementary expertise in other areas of their business, such as manufacturing, distribution, human resources, marketing Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, and customer relationships.

To lead these expertise development efforts, cross-functional teams, either formal or informal, need to be formed. These teams can also find new businesses in white spaces between existing business units.

In strategic innovation road-mapping, the starting point for knowledge building and learning about the innovation concept is to establish a shared view of trends, disruptive technologies and other discontinuities, and related events that could shape the future. To nurture intellectual teamwork, organize regular meetings of multi-disciplinary teams to discuss explicitly and if required, redefine innovation objectives, priorities, and specific projects... More



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