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Deep Customer Focus: 10 Critical Breakthroughs

By. Prof. Sandra Vandermerwe

  • Articulate the new market space (desired customer outcome). Rely on "intelligent hypothesis" rather than research alone, since you are in a way inventing the future. Build cross-functional teams and let people in different product groups and disciplines see how they could contribute to the new market space... More

New Product Development by Cross-functional Teams

Recommendations to Top Executives4

Case Studies Quantum

Quantum is a global leader in storage, delivering highly reliable backup, recovery and archive solutions. The company established cross-functional innovation teams to accomplish two purposes:

1. to drive decisions downward, and
2. to increase innovation speed via real-time involvement of all relevant functions...

Case Studies Harley-Davidson

One specific area in which Harley-Davidson's management has received acclaim is its use of cross-functional teams to design new products. To some extent, cross-functional advice has always been considered within the new product design process at Harley-Davidson. Representatives from engineering, purchasing, manufacturing, and marketing have always had some influence on the future direction of new products... More



Cross-functional Teams

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Creativity in Groups  ●  Cross-functional Team Meetings  ●  Co-innovate with Customers

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