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The purpose of these pages is to provide non-lawyers with a quick guide on IP issues related to E-Business. You can use these pages to link to other web sites where you can get more in-depth information.

Note: These pages provide an overview about IP issues related to E-Commerce and are not a comprehensive guide to all E-Commerce issues.  Your legal adviser is best equipped to give you advice on specific situations.

The 10 Point Checklist for IP Issues Related E-Commerce

Many things you need to know as an introduction to IP as it relates to E-Commerce may be outlined in 10 points. Spend a few minutes reading these points and then try your hand at the self-test at the end.

  1. Understanding How Intellectual Property (IP) Relates to E-Commerce

  2. Taking Stock of Your IP Assets Relevant to E-Commerce

  3. IP Issues When you Design and Build Your Web Site

  4. IP Issues Related to Internet Domain Names

  5. How Your E-Commerce Business is Affected by Patents

  6. IP Issues in the Distribution of Content on the Internet

  7. Using Care in Disclosures on the Internet

  8. Important Contracts and IP

  9. Partnerships with Government and Educational Institutions

  10. IP Concerns About International Transactions in E-Commerce