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 Legally protected intellectual assets, including intellectual property (IP),
are essential for
Business Success Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book. In order to achieve their growth plans, businesses should have a strong IP portfolio.




Companies build up their portfolio by applying for more patents. In addition, they are licensing and cross-licensing technology. In both cases, companies with a strong portfolio are generally in a better position to negotiate. But to maximize the value of their intellectual assets, companies must understand how they support enterprise business strategy Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book, protect current or future product positions, provide competitive advantage, and add value through creative, nontraditional applications.

Finally, the company's intellectual asset management strategy must be formulated with an understanding of the topography of the IP world, either by geography or type of industry.







Primer on IPR


A simple guide providing definitions and important details

IP Guide for SMEs


A virtual guide helping SMEs to take full advantage of the IP system

IP Issues Related to E-commerce


Provides non-lawyers with a quick guide on IP issues related to e-commerce

Start-up Company's IP Strategies


Lists IP problems, solutions, challenges, and strategies as well as disciplinary steps that should be taken that will increase the value of the start-up's own intellectual property

SME Case Studies


A compilation of concrete experiences of companies that have used the IP system to improve their competitiveness Download PowerPoint presentation, pdf e-book

Model / Sample Agreements and Contracts

Various authors

Sample and models confidentiality, licensing, employee intellectual property, and other IP-related agreements and contracts





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 "Necessity is the mother of invention, but patent right is the father."  

~ Josh Billings

Intellectual Assets - Major Value Drivers of Business