ICT-powered Value Chain:

IT/Business Alignment

Successful Integration of IT into Business Operations

Top 10 Tips


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ICT Trends: Market Shifts

IT Leader: New Roles of a CIO

  1. Clearly define and articulate the benefits you expect from your system

Benefits of e-Business

  1. Be selective install only the functionality you need, rather than everything that comes with a package

Modern IT-powered Value Chain

  1. Conduct an independent risk assessment of the new system's implementation

  1. Designate a project leader to be responsible for ensuring the project's strategic objectives are met on time and on budget

Business Synergies Approach To Project management

  1. Maintain control over inherently strategic or "core competence" functions and identify opportunities to outsource other non-value adding functions; keep monitoring the performance of the outsourcer you may relinquish some controls but not your responsibilities

  2. Make the necessary changes in the company's control structure when you implement an e-business or a business-to-business initiative

  3. Break the project into manageable components; plan and implement a new system quickly enough to keep up with today's fast-paced business environment

  4. Ensure that you have appropriate human and financial resources, and backup plans for both

  5. Install the new system that allows you to interface directly with your key business partners when needed; pay particular attention to the interfaces between legacy systems or third parties that connect to your company's new system

Balanced Business System

  1. Monitor and track all system problems and events. >>>