Definition of Process

Michael Hammer, the author of Agenda, defined process as "an organized group of related activities that together create a result of value to customers."

Each word in this definition is important:




A process is a group of activities, not just one. Value is created not by single activities, but by the entire process in which all these tasks merge in a systematic way for a clear purpose.

Activities are related and organized. They present a stream of relevant, interconnected activities that must be performed in sequence the right things in the right way to produce the desired outcome.

All the activities in the process work together toward a common goal. "People performing different steps of a process must all be aligned around a single purpose, instead of focusing on their individual tasks in isolation."

Process are not ends in themselves. They have a purpose, they create and deliver results that customers care about.


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Howard Smith and Peter Fingar, the authors of Business Process Management: The Third Wave, defined business as "the complete and dynamically coordinated set of collaborative and transactional activities that deliver value to customers."


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