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Business System

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Business Process

A set of collaborative activities that deliver value to customers

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"Since most of us spend our lives doing ordinary tasks, the most important thing is to carry them out extraordinary well." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Eight Best Practices of Successful Companies

Source: GE Survey

  1. Manage processes, not people. Focus not on what they do, but on how they do it... More

2 Business Growth Strategies


Total Quality Management (TQM)

Two Areas of Management 's Job

  1. Maintenance Management: current business performance for results and profits

  2. Kaizen Management: improving processes and systems

8 Rules for Quality Management

Implementing Kaizen: 7 Conditions

Stages of the Venture Capital Investment Process

Preparation: Clarify your investment motivation and define your investment criteria... More

Process Defined

Michael Hammer1 defined process as "an organized group of related activities that together create a result of value to customers." ... More

Business Process

Howard Smith and Peter Fingar4 defined business as "the complete and dynamically coordinated set of collaborative and transactional activities that deliver value to customers."

Create Customer Value: 10 Matsushita Lessons

Business Process (BP): Functional View

"A process is a specific ordering of work activities across time and place, with a beginning, and end, and clearly identified inputs and outputs: a structure for action."3

This definition is easy to apply in the context of the work activities and tasks within a single department or functional group.2 If the employees of different functional groups lack a common purpose and direction, each one will inevitably work at cross-purpose with the others.

Enterprise Business Process (EBP): Systems View

Balanced Business System

Enterprise business process (EBP) is "the end-to-end (cross-departmental, and often, cross-company) coordination of work activities that create and deliver ultimate value to customers."2... More

The Tree of Business Success

Integrating E-business

Business processes must not only incorporate timely company information for improved customer value creation, customer relationship management, innovation, supply chain management, and beyond, they must also be kept up-to-date with fast-changing business needs. E-business facilitating these processes is the way most business soon will be transacted. Whether or not you ever plan to sell products or services over the Web, your most important customer or supplier may one day insist upon using Web for all transactions... More

 Case in Point  Fidelity Investments: Practicing Kaizen

At Fidelity Investments Kaizen involves:




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