9 Steps to building a Process-managed Enterprise

that supports, empowers and energizes employees, and encourages their initiative


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To transform your company to a process-management enterprise:





① Overcome traditional functional thinking and obsess about enterprise-wide business process management (EBPM) and the end-to-end enterprise business processes (EBP) that create greater value for your customers.


Assess Your Organization's Progress Toward Excelling in Business Process Management




② Make process into a way of life. Create a process-friendly company by aligning resources, rewards, and structure around processes.

③ Establish business process management system (BPMS) and manage in process terms everything you do to deliver higher value to your customers and make your company better.




Establish process ownership and leadership. Appoint senior process owners to lead, manage, measure, and improve the processes.


Process Thinking





⑤ Ensure that every employee understands processes, how the processes are performing and his or her role in them.







⑥ Ensure that everyone knows customer requirements and strive to meet them.


Business Process






Develop a culture of teamwork and shared responsibility. Ensure that employees help manage each other instead of escalating conflict.


Team Culture

Family-like Environment




⑧ Set up a cross-functional team or process council "so that you don't replace functional silos with process sewers," as Michael Hammer, the author of Agenda, puts it.


8 Principles of EBPM

Barriers to  TQM

Break Silo




⑨ Measure your processes objectively and frequently.


Systems Thinking