Assess Your Organization's Progress Toward Excelling in Business Process Management


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Enterprise-wide Business Process Management (EBPM) addresses the pressing need of the modern interconnected enterprise to integrate business process thinking with strategy, systemic innovation, organizational structure and people issues. It requires that managers think more systemically about their business and learn to lead and manage accordingly.


8 Principles of EBPM

Systems Thinking

Growing Value


Holistic Thinking





Andrew Spanyi, the author of Beyond Process Maturity to Process Competence, defined 5 levels of business-process mastery that will help you assess your organization's progress toward excelling in business process management.

⑤ The entire set of enterprise business processes are being managed for improved performance.

④ The full set of customer-touching processes is being managed for continuous improvement.

③ Significant success with process redesign projects realized, and a few end-to-end business processes managed for continuous improvement.

② Some prior success with process redesign projects, but not much sustainable process management.

① Broad awareness of the need to improve and manage business processes exists, but little action so far.

0. Not much awareness of the need to improve and manage business processes exists.




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Process-managed Enterprise

9 Steps to building a Process-managed Enterprise

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Systemic Innovation

Shift from Linear to Systemic Innovation

Approaches Favoring Systemic Innovation

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