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Start-up's success is 1% your invention and
99% your
entrepreneurial skills and drivers


Business Development: Stage-by-Stage Guide Gestation Stage Start-Up Stage Prototype Stage Roll Out Stage Rapid Growth Stage Expansion Stage Maturity Stage

Inception Stage

no product revenues and little expense history; team is incomplete; there is business plan, and the beginnings of product development

Organization: Informal

Management:   Entrepreneurial

Technology: Concept

Funding Stage: Seed

Manage the Five Risks:

growth risk

technology & production risk

marketability & competing risk

financial risk

team & management risk



 The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win." ~ Bobby Knight







Growth Risk

New business formation: move into a competitive business world requires specific type of knowledge, expertise, resources and personal business skills

8 Key Entrepreneurial Questions


Play entrepreneurial simulation games

Identify the type of the new company

Select the type of entity and ownership

Select the right business model

Start the new company in an enabling environment such as business incubator

Discover Opportunities


Know 10 Keys to Success of a High-Growth Venture and 7 Routes To High Profits

Do venture planning to assess the feasibility of your venture

Develop a business model for your radical innovation project, compare various business models

Play entrepreneurial games, such as Innovation Football and Innovation Chess; use KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools to test your business idea and strengthen your team, business model and business strategies

Develop your competitive and differentiation strategy and a strategy map

Avoid the 10 deadly small business mistakes; be aware of the deal-killer entrepreneurial personality traits

Prepare a focused  and scalable business plan that provides clear direction  >>>

Make a Strength Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT) analysis

Do business, cash and technology forecasting

Take outside professional advice and services

Study and employment and regulatory requirements

Select legal structure of your new company

Study startup company intellectual property (IP) strategies. Register your trademark - the legal protection for your company, your business name, your brand, and your domain name

Explore opportunities for starting up your business in an enabling environment such as a technology business incubator or S&T park

Start developing strategic alliances




Technology & Production Risk

Violations of intellectual property rights (IPR)

Emphasis on further research rather than business development

Protection of your IPR ‒ turning your inventions into profit-making assets

Development of the intellectual property management (IPM) system

Development of your personal and business skills

Master the 10 easy steps to turning your ideas / inventions into cash

Protect your IPR, develop IP strategies and take necessary disciplinary steps for your IPR protection

Establish a technology intelligence system

Search for patent information to identify alternative technologies and avoid possible infringement problems

Map your territory

Identify bottlenecks and pitfalls

Prepare schedule, define and describe milestones

Prepare functional and design product specifications

Learn from success stories of other entrepreneurs




Marketability & Competing Risk

Overoptimistic estimates of market penetration and shares

Product design can not be tailored to the needs of real users until thorough market research has been done

Low market acceptance

Customer's resistance to change

Making classic marketing mistakes first-time entrepreneurs usually make

Understanding the market needs, discontinuities, and opportunities

Clear and realistic picture of the "package" functional product specifications

Preparation of the marketing and selling strategy

Getting above the competitors

Virtuoso Marketing

Social Media Marketing: 10 Tips

Focus on Emotional Drivers

Empathetic Marketing

Buzz Marketing

Sell Benefits

Selling Is Problem Solving

Synergistic Selling: 3 Arts

Be a great Venture Marketer

Study best new product development practices and develop your critical milestone program

Know your customer, their needs and what makes people buy; make customer assessment

Conduct market research, but don't rely on traditional market research only ‒ it can tell you what exists, not what should be or could be

Identify your differentiation and positioning strategy

Develop a prototype and beta-test / test market your product or service; identify the price at what you could sell it

Define the shape of the product to develop and its features needed to deliver benefit

Create a winning customer value proposition

Finalize or create your market niche, develop marketing strategy, and prepare a marketing plan

Create remarkable brand attributes

Conduct market oriented R&D, make a sales forecast

Be a great venture marketer market your venture to prospective partners, investors and clients

Know how to market and sell a radically innovative product

Develop your competitive strategy; benefit from your competitors; surprise to win




Financial Risk

Insufficient funds or access to top-up finance

Need to address basic capital and cash-flow issues

Wrong mix of funds (e.g. gearing is too high due to high debt to equity ratio) 

3Ws of Venture Investing


Good understanding of the venture financing process and

Prepare the key documents for venture capital investors

Selection of the types of financing required for different types of activities

Identification of possible sources of seed capital: bootstrapping, business angels, venture capital funds, development funds

Good understanding of the investment opportunity selection criteria of different types of investors


7 Routes To High Profits

Revenue Model

Internet Revenue Models

Understand investment criteria of venture capitalists and meet them; follow the step-by-step guide to venture financing

Study the start-up capital formation process, venture capital basics, and the guidelines for getting funding in today's market

Make financial assessment

Explore alternatives to VC financing and try to personally finance and bootstrap your firm as long as possible, until the need for external growth finance becomes evident and unavoidable.

Select type of finance you require

Search for angel investors and other sources of seed capital and study their investment evaluation criteria and procedures

Prepare a milestone chart and cash flow forecast

Build up a management team

Understand how investors read a business plan and their start-up business valuation principles

Study typical terms of stock issued to venture capitalists, and how to structure the deal; develop option for investors for realizing their financial returns and possible exit strategies

Prepare a start-up business plan

Prepare an impactful investor pitch  containing all  6W components; include a great story in your venture presentation and know how to make a presentation  to prospective investors

Negotiate the agreement with investors; take a professional help to structure the deal

Make the best of the venture capital obtained




Team & Management Risk

Not enough time

Can't do everything

Constant fire fighting

Opportunity overload


Development of the doer and decision maker skills

Selection of the best management support system at lowest cost


Entrepreneurial Leader

9 Roles of a Team Leader

Leader-Manager Synergy

Winning Team: 7 Elements

Develop yourself to achieve extraordinary results

Develop your entrepreneurial attitudes, mindsets and capabilities

Develop your competing skills

Build a strong entrepreneurial team

Learn venture management and corporate management principles and develop your own unique model

Play entrepreneurial simulation games such as Innovation Football to make your team much stronger    Examples

Build an innovation-friendly organization

Launch a crusade

Do it yourself

Respond to every opportunity

Fight fires

Hire best people to make your vision a reality






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